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Design Your Custom Doll

Get exactly what you want, the way you want it.

Annie's Design Your Own Doll tool enables you to design your dream doll with just a few simple clicks. Assemble the perfect doll from the numerous body and head styles that our partner doll brands have created.

FIRST start by choosing the manufacturing brand

SECOND decide on which of their body types best fit your needs

THIRD select all the remaining doll parts and features to your liking

You'll receive your customized doll in the same time it takes to create our pre-optioned dolls. As always, you will receive photos of your doll once production is complete so you can preview and approve the results before shipping.


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Body Type, Head, Eye Color, Skin Tone, Hair Style, Manicure Color, Pedicure Color, Vagina Type, Pubic Hair Style, Standing Option, Shrugging Shoulders and Accessories.


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