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Annie's Dollhouse

Operating Since 2014

Annie’s Dollhouse has been a leader in the life size sex doll market since 2014. With more than 8 years of positive customer feedback, we stand by our reputation of having the most reliable and attentive customer service team in the industry. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile and being the absolute best for every customer. We know the process of buying a life size doll can be quite overwhelming for some and we completely understand. This is where we shine! Our knowledgeable staff, along with our easy to use product pages and custom doll tool make the experience of buying your new doll a lot less stressful! We are looking forward to making things easy on you! Contact our customer service team today!

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Officially Licensed: We are a legitimate vendor and distributor for the following doll brands: WM Doll, Irontech Doll, JY Doll, YL Doll and Elsa Babe. Click here to see our doll authorization documentation. We are a 100% certified vendor!

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: Look...we understand that purchasing your first life size doll can be an intimating venture. Our experienced team makes the process easy for you. Your order goes into production within the first 24 hours. It then takes 7-10 days for the skilled artists and designers to complete your doll. Once completed, we'll email you high quality photos for you to review and inspect. With your approval and sign off, we'll make the shipping arrangements, and you're doll should arrive in about another 7-10 days. Our streamlined process is the reason why customers keep returning to Annie's. Every customer, and we mean EVERY customer, gets the white glove service! See why our customers love Anne's stress free shopping experience. Click here.

Our Purchase Guarantee: We aim to provide 100% satisfaction on every single order. To view our Guarantee, Click here.

Strict Quality Assurance: Our quality control & assurance staff is trained to execute a detailed and thorough process of every item and every detail it comprises. From finishing touches up to packaging and delivery. Everything is carefully taken care of.

Pre-Shipping: The purchase and quality assurance process will ensure that you have several predetermined opportunities to verify the exact product you will be receiving. We send high quality photos to your email prior to shipping.

Best Industry Price Point: If you can get a better pricing from one of our competitors. We will do our best to match it! Our main goal is providing top quality dolls at the best price possible. 

Privacy Protection: Our well trained staff will go the extra mile to protect your privacy. From not appearing on your credit card statement in an embarrassing manner up to a discrete delivery. 

Personal Assessment: Picking and creating your custom doll can be challenging. Our expert staff is ready to assist you throughout the entire process of building your dream doll. Step by step. So you can make sure not a single detail is looked over. 

Secure Payment Methods: We accept all major credit and debit cards through our payment provide Braintree. We also offer Papal, Gpay and now Klarna. With Klarna, you can buy now and pay later. See Klarna details by clicking here.

Our Promise To You

We love dolls just as you, and our main purpose is to make the “buying your doll” experience easy. We aim to provide a 100% enjoyable and unique, unforgettable experience. With so many counterfeits in the market, buyers must be cautious. There are so many misleading and false companies out there. At Annie's Dollhouse, you can be sure you are getting the exact doll you paid for.. Sharing our passion, and our love for sex dolls is what moves us! We have invested an enormous effort since we started into crafting a tailored purchasing experience, where the only thing you will have to worry about (and should worry about) is how you will celebrate your first night with your doll.

Go Reliable, Go With Annie's!

    Reputation: We are a reliable authorized vendor and our reputation precedes us along with hundreds of positive customer reviews. 

    Values: Our core values are the fundamentals of our business. Our customers always take the spotlight. We exist and work FOR them. 

    Passion: Our excitement for love dolls is real. And that is the fuel and the very essence of how Annie’s Dollhouse conducts businesses. 

    Service: Talk to one of our representatives to start building your dream doll. We are ready to guide you throughout the entire process.

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Annie's Dollhouse

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