Sex Doll Care & Maintenance

 You've finally decided to take the plunge into the world of sex dolls - congratulations!  So now it's time to educate yourself on doll care and maintenance.  Like buying an expensive car, the better you care for your purchase the longer you will be able to use it.  Here's the basics to keep in mind to ensure that you protect your purchase for the long-run.


  • Remember, the more you treat your doll like a lady the longer she will last.  Jerking and twisting the doll could result in skin tears or joint misalignment.
  • Be careful when posing your doll so the joints stay in alignment.
  • We recommend always using lubrication with your doll as friction can lead to tearing of the doll skin.  When using lubrication with the doll always use water-based lubrication.


  • Cleaning your doll after use is a MUST.  This cannot be stressed enough as bacteria can form if not cleaned in between use, degrading the material as well as creating a potential health risk.  The good news is you can just use gentle liquid soap, gently rinse it clean and then thoroughly dry with a color-safe cotton towel.  Do not use any abrasives cleaners, scrubs or loofahs as they may damage the skin of the doll.    
  • When cleaning your doll make sure not to allow water to enter into the neck joint and, if you have the standing option, feet posts.  Water can rust the doll skeleton.   An easy way to clean her is by using a sitting bathing stool or plastic chair placed in the shower (or bathtub above water level).  
  • Since cleaning is so important for the longevity of your doll, many people opt for the removable vagina as this simplifies and hastens the cleaning process.  However, it's important to remember that any orifice that is used - including mouth and anus - must also be cleaned as well.
  • Always remove the wig before cleaning your doll as to not damage or tangle the wig.


  • The soft material that enables the doll to feel lifelike can be damaged if not properly stored.  Bent joints can create creases causing cracks and rips in the skin.  To properly store your doll, make sure all joints are in the position of a woman standing with her arms at her side - straight legs (standing option would keep the foot in the position as if a woman was standing flat footed) with her arms straight by her sides with the fingers straight.  Additionally, the head should be stored detached from the body.  You can store the doll vertically by hanging the head and body separately from their respective hooks.  Or, you can store the doll horizontally in a footlocker storage case with foam cushion.  If storing horizontally then store the doll on its back, not its stomach.


  • One of the great things about owning a realistic doll is the ability to put different outfits on your doll.  However, some clothing may bleed dye onto the doll's skin.  Before putting any clothing on your doll you should always test it for colorfastness to minimize potential damage.  One way to do this is to put the clothing against the skin in a discreet location such as on the top of the head that's normally covered by the wig.  Even if the clothing does not bleed onto your doll's skin do not store your doll wearing any clothing to insure that there are no discolorations or creases created.


  • Over the course of time some parts of the doll may need a little extra TLC.  It is natural over time for the eyelashes to become slightly dislodged from the eye lid or for the nails to pull away from the fingertips.  In the event that a nail pulls away from a fingertip or an eyelash becomes dislodged, use acrylic nail glue or eyelash glue, respectively, according to package directions.  Both types of glue are available in the beauty section of drugstores or on

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