Beware of Scams

Factory Photo Tricks

Scammers usually tend to steal images of high quality dolls from google or the manufacturers website. Once you make a purchase, they will send you an extremely low quality lookalike or perhaps even a blow up doll. The horror stories we hear from our customers are endless and very sad. Be careful who you choose to make a purchase with as deals too good to be true usually are. For example, dolls we are selling for thousands are elsewhere for only $500. This is a HUGE RED FLAG and be careful not to be duped and tricked.

With your purchase at Annie’s Dollhouse, we ensure you receive high quality factory photos of the doll you purchased before shipping it to you. This way you can be sure you know exactly what you are getting. The photos we send you will also have YOUR NAME on a piece of paper next to the doll you purchased. This way you can always be sure your purchase is safe at Annie’s.

Aggressive Discounts and Low Prices

Sex dolls are made with state of the art technology and researched materials. Even though there is a wide range of qualities, doll prices tend to oscillate between $1300 USD and $3500 USD. Be extremely cautious if you are buying any kind of doll for less than the lowest price of that price range. Always make sure to check any doubts or concerns you may have with our customer support. 

Manufacturer Certifications

For every single doll brand and model we offer to our customers, we have the proper reseller authorization casted, signed and approved by the official manufacturer. This will allow you to even check with the manufacturer if Annie’s Dollhouse is officially licensed. You can double check in a matter of minutes. Our certifications are available for observation click HERE.

Doll Specs

Whether your doll is custom made or not, make sure you always receive the full details and specifications for your doll: height, weight, hair color, eyes color, special features, skin tone, intimate parts dimensions, etc. Be suspicious if certain doll sellers do not want to share this information with you.

Payment methods

Be sure to opt for traceable payment methods, such as Paypal, Braintree, or similar payment providers. Try to avoid payments via Western Union or means of transfer that cannot fully protect you in case of a scam. We recommend you AVOID these methods with any vendor.

Official Authorizations and Certificates

All of our granted certificates can be seen HERE. You can verify them with each supplier through their official websites. Any certificate portrayed here is still current and approved. Beware of any seller that does not have the proper certification. You can always contact the manufacturer directly to confirm any company is verified.

Why Choose Annie's Dollhouse?

Positive Online Feedback

We use the reputable and company Fera for the collection of our customer reviews. The Fera review badge/icon is up in the top left corner of our website. You can click the badge to see our reviews. With Fera, you can trust that we have REAL reviews from REAL customers. Please see hundreds of great verified reviews from our customers by clicking the badge or visiting our reviews page HERE. 

Professional Support

From the moment you decide to purchase an Annie's Dollhouse up to the moment you receive it, you will be guided and assisted by our professionally caring customer service team. Contact us via email at or by phone at 1-888-829-0889.

Who is Annie's Dollhouse?

Annie’s Dollhouse has been meticulously verified and has an excellent track record and hundreds of positive reviews from real customers.

Annie’s Dollhouse is a duly registered commercial entity under the laws of the United States. We have been leading the dolls market since 2014. More than 6 years of expertise and the finest customer service stands by our reputation. Being one of the most respected vendors in the industry, Annie’s Dollhouse is not just a brand. It’s a synonym of trust, quality and excellence. We deliver the best quality products in the shortest time possible. Whether it is a custom order or a regular one. Annie’s Dollhouse is an authorized and certified seller, please see our doll brand certificates HERE.

The dolls industry worldwide, and even so in the United States, is plagued with counterfeits, fakes, and low quality duplicates. Be on the lookout for so-called great deals that seem too good to be true. Scams are rampant, so be sure to verify the vendor. choose. Make sure they are an authorized dealer first before purchasing.

Our reputation is established on our track record and what our customers say about Annie’s Dollhouse. Many competitors have been trying to take shortcuts in the industry by faking negative comments in our digital outlets, social media and attempting to persuade others to not purchase through our brand using invented bad experiences or ratings. Please see real reviews from our customers HERE.

The only fact is that Annie’s Dollhouse has a permit and a manufacturer’s license for every single brand and model we sell. Our main concern is to protect our clients in several ways. First of all, being attentive to potential health risks. This is taken care of by only selling officially licensed and approved products that come from the verified manufacturer. All of our partnership agreements can be seen below, signed and sealed by their representatives. All of our certificates are up to date and up to industry’s latest standards. 

We cannot stress enough how thankful we are to those thousands of customers that have been trusting Annie’s Dollhouse since we opened our shop back in 2014! It has been a long way and there is always more to come.

Thank you, truly, from the bottoms of our hearts.

Be safe! Be healthy! And be aware!

Annie’s Dollhouse Team


Annie's Dollhouse

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