Refund Policy/Purchase Guarantee

Officially Licensed is officially authorized and licensed as a vendor and distributor of the following doll brands: WM Doll, Irontech Doll, JY Doll, and YL Doll. Licensing was granted for each brand, by the corresponding manufacturing company and rights holders. View the official certificates by clicking here

Complete Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed 

As a leading brand with more than 7 years of a solid track record, we put our clients first and above everything. All our products are manufactured under the strictest industry standards, with non-hazard state of the art materials (non-toxic medical grade Platinum TPE/Silicone).

We aim to provide 100% satisfaction on every single order. Prior to shipping we will send high definition pictures of the exact product you will be receiving, so you can observe everything in advance. If your order arrives with shipping or manufacturing defects, please contact customer service at

Strict Quality Assurance

Our quality control & assurance staff are trained to execute a detailed and thorough process of every item and every detail it comprises. The dolls are carefully packed to ensure your privacy as well as the products wellbeing. This process has a success rate over 99% in guaranteeing the product will arrive safe and secure. See real reviews from real customers by clicking here.

Pre-Shipping Process

The purchase and quality assurance process will ensure that you will have predetermined opportunities to verify the exact product you will be receiving. Prior to shipping, you will receive HD pictures of your order so that you can inspect the details of the doll. Minor changes usually can be made at no cost but some major features cannot be changed. These features are: overall body shape, head, sound, heating and skin tone.

Damaged Doll & Other Doll Issues

We do not offer refunds for any other reason other than a product damaged on arrival.

Damaged Dolls: Immediately, you should file a claim with the shipping carrier on receipt of your package if it is severely damaged. A replacement depends on how severe the damaged the product is. If this happens, please contact customer service

Incorrect or Wrong Doll Sent: When you receive the doll and you find it looks absolutely different from the factory pictures, just show us an unboxing video (with the whole body, head, shipping label, and outside package box ). We will report and check to our factory and shipping carrier, and arrange a new replacement for you.

User damage – All sex dolls have been performed a quality check before we ship to you. Any damage caused by users will not be covered. Please take care when using your doll.

Make Up: We have made our efforts to re-create the makeup made by the photographer in the picture. However, it’s not guaranteed to match 100%. Every doll may differ slightly from the picture. In the rare event, you don’t like it, you can remove the makeup and create makeup as you prefer.

Skin details: Since dolls are hand finished and crafted, their skin is expected to have minor differences, as in shades or details.

Eyelashes: Eyelashes, like nails, are delivered in place with a special glue that will allow the user to remove or replace it. If any eyelash falls off, they can be safely put back into place with commercial glue for that purpose.

Finger/Toe Nails: Whether it's hands or toes, nails are attached with a special product that allows users to remove them without harming the doll. If any nail ever falls off, you can re-adhere it using commercial nail glue. This will not harm the doll.

Second Hand Prohibition: To comply with safety and health regulations and standards, once you use the product, we will not be able to replace or refund it. No matter what the case may be. Without exceptions.

Custom Orders: Very custom orders cannot not be cancelled because they were customized specifically for you and cannot be easily resold. Please keep this is mind when placing very custom orders. 

In-Stock Dolls: These pre-optioned dolls are heavily discounted giving the customer a very affordable option. Please be aware that there are no refunds on this purchase, but rest assured that if the doll has any physical issues we will address them promptly. Please email customer service immediately with any issues.


All of our orders are processed within the first 24 hours from your payment. The production team then starts creating your doll. Cancelling an order after 24 hours will have a 20% cancellation fee. And cancelling 72 hours after your order will have a 30% cancellation fee.

Please make sure to cancel In-stock dolls immediately. The restocking fee for in-stock dolls will be 5%.

For any issues or inconveniences with your order, please call us to +1-888-829-0889 or email our support team at We are ready to assist you.

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