Annie's Reward Tokens

100 Tokens = $1

Annie's reward tokens can only be used towards the purchase of a full size doll. One hundred tokens earned equals one dollar. Sign up today and get 2000 tokens just for signing up! 

Here are the ways to earn:


2000 Tokens
Place an order
4 Tokens for every $1 spent
Celebrate a birthday
2000 Tokens
Here is how to access your tokens and apply a discount:
Step 1: Go to the following page: In the left hand corner you will see a white box with a purple button. Click 'Sign in" to log into your account.
Once logged in you will see the following page:
Step 2: Next we will again go back to the following page: Once there, you should see a purple Rewards button in the bottom left hand corner. Please click the purple button. If you do not see this button, please repeat step 1.
Step 3: Next, click the 'Ways to Redeem' button:
Step 4: Next, click the 'View' button:
Step 5: Next, use the slider to determine the discount amount you'd like to apply and click the 'Redeem' button:
Step 6: Next, click the 'Apply code' button. Your discount is now applied to your cart and you will see the discount at Checkout. Please contact the customer service team if you have any additional questions.


Annie's Dollhouse

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