Tips - How To Use A Sex Doll

Tips - How To Use A Sex Doll

Sep 28, 2021

So, you've finally decided to make all your erotic dreams come true. You decided to purchase a realistic, lifelike sex doll. And what a great decision it was! Real sex dolls can become the lifelike companions you needed to spice up your sex life. We know you can’t wait to get your hands on your brand new real life sex doll, but before you begin putting her to good use, you should learn how to assemble her and care for her properly. These tips can help you make the most out of the experience and safely enjoy your TPE or silicone love doll for years to come.

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Assembling Your Sex Doll

1. Carefully Take the Package Inside and Place It in a Room with Lots of Space

Full size dolls can weigh between 50 and 90 pounds. And when you add the packaging, the whole box can weigh up to over 100 pounds. Furthermore, for a sex doll that's about 5.3 ft tall, the package measurements would be around 5.6 ft in length, 1 ft in height, and 1.3 ft in width. So, you might need some help carrying it into your home, depending on the circumstances.

Bear in mind that you'll need a lot of space to take out all the parts and lay them flat next to the box before you start putting them together.

2. Open the Box with a Boxcutter or a Knife

The next thing to do is cut the tape on the top edges of the box with a knife or a similar tool. However, be careful not to let the sharp tool go too deep to avoid scratching or cutting your love doll's beautiful skin.

3. Wash Your Hands

We know she looks gorgeous and that you want to feel her smooth skin as soon as possible. But don't! In order not to leave marks and smudges on her spotless skin, you need to wash your hands with warm water and soap before touching the TPE or Silicone doll.

4. Start With Her Head

When you open the box, you will see a ball shaped package wrapped in packing foam on the top of the doll's thighs. That's your new love doll's head! Carefully remove the foam, take the head out of its bag, and place it on the floor. But hold onto the bag — you'll need it later for storing.

5. Remove the Accessories

Next, you should remove any additional accessories such as cleaning tools, clothing, and a closet storage system from the box. The sex doll body should be the only thing left as well as a blanket for protection.

6. Unwrap the Sex Doll Body and Take It Out of the Box

Using scissors, remove the wrapping foam from the doll's body. However, try being as precise as possible during this step. Your love doll has gentle skin, and you can accidentally damage it. Be super careful during this process. Take your time.

Then, wrap your hands around the doll, pick it up along with the blanket and place it on the floor.

7. Attach the Head to the Body

The final step is to attach the head to the doll's body and put on a wig. Your realistic lifelike doll has just come to life! Yay!

What Kind of Sex You Can Have with Your New Love Doll

These realistic sex dolls are hot, beautiful, and so lifelike that they can provide you with hours of fun. However, if you want your doll to last a long time and remain so deliciously perfect, you need to follow some guidelines.

Vaginal Intercourse with Your Sex Doll

A classic and fun way to enjoy your new lover is through vaginal sex. Every sex doll comes with a functional vagina, but there are different sizes to choose from. So, before making a purchase, pay attention to the vagina depth to make sure it can accommodate your size.

Furthermore, you can opt for a fixed or removable vagina (which resembles a fleshlight or a pocket pussy). Since the dolls are either made of silicone or TPE, you can decide which one suits you best. But both materials feel and look very realistic, so you can expect the vagina to feel incredibly lifelike, as well.

The process itself is the same. Just position the girl and penetrate. The vagina will create excellent friction and pressure to provide an unforgettable sexual experience.

If you are wondering if it's okay to ejaculate inside your new sex partner, the answer is YES. However, remember to clean the doll carefully after you finish so as not to damage her. If you are not sure how to do that, read on. We will talk about hygiene and caring for your doll a bit later.

Anal Sex with Your New Realistic Sex Doll

Is anal sex something you've been fantasizing about? Sex doll has a realistic, super tight anal hole that will blow your mind. The great thing about your doll is that it's always willing to try something kinky.

Oral Sex with Your Love Doll

Think about a beautiful mouth, always open, lots of lube, and your doll on its knees in front of you. Of course, blow jobs with a doll won't be the same as with a real person. However, in some aspects, they will be better. For instance, you can go as deep as you want, you can ejaculate inside her mouth, and the doll won't complain.

How to Use Lubricants on Your Doll

To make the whole experience more pleasurable, you can use lubes. However, opt only for water-based lubricants since oil-based and silicone-based ones can damage and stain your doll.

Of course, you can apply as much lube as you want, but we recommend adding it gradually because lube acts differently when used on silicone or TPA than on real skin. So, if you go overboard, things will quickly become sticky and messy.

Pro tip: Before adding more lube, try putting in a few drops of warm water. That way, you'll reactivate the dried-up lube.

But if you're not a fan of lube, you can always skip it and use baby powder instead.

How to Store Your Sex Doll

Some people prefer to store their new lovers out in the open. However, if you're not in such a situation or like to keep things a bit more discreet, there are some storing guidelines.

Most dolls come with a storage kit. So, you can easily hang yours in the closet or somewhere similar. The best position to place her in is standing with straight arms and legs. That way, you'll reduce the pressure on the joints, and the doll will stay flexible for a long time.

Furthermore, the silicone and TPA are very temperature sensitive. Therefore, you should be careful where you store your sex doll and avoid places with big temperature changes, like attics and basements. Such rooms are exposed to extreme temperatures and have poor ventilation, which can cause your doll to crack and warp.

Play Dress Up with Your New Love Doll

There are users who don't bother with clothes, and that's okay. For others, dressing up is a part of the whole fantasy.

If you're one of those who want to make your doll more life-like and personal, try buying some outfits for her. Sexy lingerie, role-play or cosplay costumes, beautiful dresses — it's entirely up to you! But before you start shopping, tell a shop clerk the doll's measurements so they can recommend the right size.

The same goes for accessories. Still, you should avoid cheap jewelry since it can stain or damage your doll's skin.

Sex Doll Hairstyle

The doll will come with a wig of your choice. But for it to stay beautiful, you should wash it with shampoo and brush it regularly. Moreover, you can buy other wigs and try changing the hairstyles from time to time to keep things exciting.

Should You Use Perfumes and Colognes on Your Doll?

A great perfume can be so sexy! However, most perfumes and colognes are alcohol-based and will damage the sex doll's skin. So, if you want your lover to smell nice, maybe try spraying the perfume on her clothes instead.

How to Properly Clean Your Sex Doll

If you want your doll to stay with you for a long time, you need to pay special attention to hygiene. Use a vaginal irrigator. This tool will help you wash the dolls private parts.

A vaginal irrigator is simple to use, and the whole process takes only a few minutes. Just fill the bulb syringe with soapy water and insert it into the doll's cavities to flush everything out. And if your doll has a removable vagina, take it out and rinse it in the sink.

Furthermore, it would be best to wipe the doll and leave her to air dry after each use. You should also take off any tight clothing and accessories to avoid damaging the skin. Finally, before storing the doll, you can powder her to help keep the skin smooth. Just make sure it's completely dry beforehand and that you're using baby powder or cornstarch powder.


Sex dolls can give you so much pleasure and fulfill all your sexual desires and fantasies. And, yes, they are expensive, but they're worth the investment. And if you need more reason to keep them in good shape, just remember that the quality of your experience depends on your doll's condition. Therefore, take good care of your sex doll's needs so she can take care of yours.

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