YL Dolls

yl-doll-sex-doll.jpgYL Doll™ also know as Your Doll, is a top of the line manufacturer that has been creating quality both male and female sex dolls since 2013. Their dolls are manufactured in the Jinsan workshop along with WM Doll™ and OR Doll™. They have a wonderful staff of artists and designers that create dolls that are incredibly lifelike, soft to the touch, and very similar to human skin. They are also completely customizable, with different eye, hair, and skin colors. Designed to look and feel like a real female, their stunning lifelike features are why these sex dolls are highly sought after and considered one of the best. YL Doll™ is compatible with WM Doll™, so if you would like to create a combination of both brands, you can use our Custom Sex Doll tool to design and build your ultimate fantasy sex doll. Make sure you only buy from an authorized vendor of YL Dolls like Annie's Dollhouse.(Click Here to see our authorization). And Contact our customer service team for more information.




Annie's Dollhouse

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